Sometimes you need to take a stand. But most of the time it is time to shut up and be kind. Do the work, because that is what gives credit in a performance-based society. It is also lots of fun to do things right and finish them. Make sure you take enough walks. Walks have always ever made every situation better. You do not have to finish books. Or remember all details. Sleep is wonderful. The more the better. Draw a thing now and then. Just a tiny sketch. It is fun. And call your mom on the weekend.

We love you so very much! <3

Update a couple days later:

First of all, “do the work” is of course from Steven Pressfield’s book of the same name. As mentioned, do “read a book” from time to time, and I cannot recommend this one enough.

In general, treat these thingies here as

  • conventions, aka defaults: you can always diverge from if
  • bricks that can be combined in different ways

Your Name

Fabian Fabian is an Interaction Designer at Costa Digital. He is a speaker at international conferences, an avid sketchnoter, and co-founder of community events like the UX Camp Hamburg, Github from Scratch or the Agile Design Camp.