Dear kids.

Wit the current trend of things like meditation, yoga, and the forth, here comes another piece of the puzzle that you should give a try: intermittend fasting.

There are dozens of books on the topic, so I will just give you a tl;dr here:

First of all, when fasting the body has to get energy from internal depots. Since you are burning calories all the time, you loose fat.

Fasting one day is completely different than fasting two days. One day is just a break of intake from the body’s point of view. On day two though the body starts to shift its metabolism and, most importantly, starts to tune down the burning of calories.

That is basically what “intermittend fastening” means: not fasting more than one day at a time.

I am writing this because I did the first full day of fasting after several months of not doing it. I worked myself up slowly day by day, each day keeping it up until the hunger became just mind-occupying. Monday 14:00, tuesday 16:30, Wednesday 19:30. right now it is Thursday 22:00. Looks like I made it. It feels good:

  • I know I must have lost weight because physics
  • I can pat myself on the back for having the discipline
  • Tomorrow morning I will breakfast like a king. I earned it!

Personally, I allow only water, coffee, tea and boullion when fasting. No softdrinks and also no sugar in hot beverages!

An added benefit is that staying hungry keeps me very awake and focused, but that is something for another time.

I love you!


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Fabian Fabian is an Interaction Designer at Costa Digital. He is a speaker at international conferences, an avid sketchnoter, and co-founder of community events like the UX Camp Hamburg, Github from Scratch or the Agile Design Camp.